Our Mission

SAFE CUNY is committed to

  • Publicizing acts of hatred in Academia, including the teaching and dissemination of hatred
  • Bring accountability for such to any and all in the Academy, including but not necessarily limited to: boards of directors; public officials; trustees; administrators; faculty; staff; students; union officers and members; and organizations or groups thereof that support acts of hatred on- or off- campus or who, by virtue of their silence, enable the occurrence of such acts.
  • Take action as necessary to bring accountability to responsible parties.
  • Support acts of divestment from groups that do not subscribe to the principle of inclusion and which seek to sow divisiveness within the ranks of administration and/or instructional staff.

SAFECUNY stands against CUNY law students' pro-BDS JLSA resolution:

S.AF.E. CUNY Statement on CUNY JLSA Resolution: It’s important to understand that this resolution, which is dripping with hate and discriminates based on nationality, ethnicity, and religion, does not represent the views of the vast majority of CUNY students. This, and the entire CUNY BDS and anti-Zionist movement, is organized not by students, but by bigoted faculty members and PSC-CUNY delegates and officers. It is no coincidence that this resolution takes the next hateful step forward from the PSC-CUNY resolution of June 10. CUNY must act immediately to denounce this bigoted, discriminatory resolution and take decisive action to ensure that the illegal and hateful measures called for therein are never realized. In February 2021, CUNY and the PSC-CUNY were already found responsible by the EEOC for discriminating against Zionist and Observant Jews; they have done nothing in response to these findings of liability. The PSC’s discrimination and harassment of Zionist and Observant Jews has only escalated and CUNY’s failure to act and to comply with the law has led to horrific harassment of Zionist and Observant Jews on its campuses; this is yet the latest example.

SAFECUNY Supports the Title VI Action Brought by Jewish Brooklyn College Students against CUNY

S.A.F.E. CUNY is aware of the long and horrific history of antisemitism and bullying of Jews at Brooklyn College and throughout CUNY. By tolerating harassment, intimidation, and discrimination against one of the most oppressed and victimized minority groups in history, CUNY is complicit in fomenting an unsafe environment for Jewish students on their campuses. S.A.F.E. CUNY stands by the Jewish students at Brooklyn College and calls on CUNY to take immediate action to quash the systemic Jew Hate at Brooklyn College and throughout CUNY.

SAFECUNY Stands In Solidarity With Professors Who Sued the PSC Union for their Antisemitic and Anti-Israel Positions

S.A.F.E. CUNY stands in solidarity with the professors who courageously came forward and brought this action. The PSC-CUNY faculty union has already been found liable by the EEOC for discriminating against its very own Zionist Jewish and Observant Jewish faculty members. That is reprehensible and these faculty members should not be forced to have their discriminators represent them in collective bargaining, where their interests --even strong legally protected ones-- are not represented."